Int. Ch. Jumping Velvet Paint It Black
20-09-2005 - 13-04-2014

Our dear Dakota fought hard but unfortunately, luck wasn't on his side. He was in the prime of his life at only 8 years old. His unique character and presence will be deeply missed.

Morisco Cajole Cats
19-11-2002 - 18-04-2005

Morisco was too young to die, we had wished to see him become as old as our other cats, but faith decided differently. At only 2 years and 4 months of age he became very ill, an illness he didn't survive. We still miss him.

Shamal of the Royal Club
26-08-1986 - 12-11-2004

At the age of 18 Shamal left us. He was a really sweet and clever cat who always did very sneaky things. He loved to cuddle and play and has lived a very happy life. We still miss him.

Djamy Di Casa Adriatico
20-05-1986 - 30-11-2001

Djamy left us at the age of 15. He became very ill during his last few days so it was his time to go. He was a very silly cat, but also very sweet.
We still miss him.